Billy Jean Intelligent Marketing Agency is a Social Media Management Agency that creates quality, reliable, and relatable Social Media content for your business.

Let us take care of your social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

Billy Jean Intelligent Marketing Agency has a social media management team comprising of in-house writers and designers. They work together to create engaging social media content that is competitively priced.

Your business will benefit from a more impressive social media presence than your competitors to build awareness and maximize sales.

We have a variety of social media options to help businesses of all sizes across a wide range of sectors. Our basic package is for those who want an affordable social media presence.

Our team works with you to create bespoke content, schedule ads to increase your reach, and analyze what is likely to get you the best response.

Within our higher-end packages, we can combine photographic and video shoots. For example, we can film staff at work and conduct interviews using an autocue to help deliver pitch-perfect content.

We believe social media content creation is about telling a story that over time will build your brand, gain advocacy from your customers, and encourage others to follow you and buy your products.

When coupled with paid social ads, we can supercharge your channels, creating not only an immediate ROI but also achieving long term business goals.

Our Monthly Social Media Management Packages

We have the expertise to engage with your audience using content that is appropriate for your business. We’ll skillfully write several posts a week. The tone of voice and content will be in tune with your business goals.

We’ll create engaging visual content

To ensure all of your posts look perfect, we use a combination of user-generated content, premium stock photography, custom made graphics, images & assets provided by the client.

Video Posts

Over the last few years video has changed Social Media. It is often the case that video posts achieve the most engagement on social. We have the ability to create amazing social videos using either stock videography, videos provided by the client that we can edit on your behalf, or on-site visits to capture new content. We can even create amazing GIFs on your behalf.

Post Approval

We create the content then schedule the posts using our post scheduling tool. That allows you to provide feedback and have ultimate control over what gets posted to your social accounts.

Optimal Timing

We analyze each Social Platform you are using so we can determine the optimal time for your posts to go live, ensuring maximum engagement.

We will effectively manage your social media advertising spend; an almost obligatory requirement these days. We work with you to learn what’s important to you and tailor the ad goals accordingly:

Grow your following

We can use ads to grow your page likes and followers by targeting people who fit your customer profile, this will allow you to increase credibility and an increased organic reach.

Sell Products

The Billy Jean Intelligent Marketing Agency Social Media team has a wealth of experience when it comes to generating sales for our clients from Social Media Ads.

Lead Generation

For some clients, we use Social Media Ads to drive leads. We create custom strategies to suit each client. When we’ve completed the testing process we are confident that we can create a steady stream of quality leads for your business.

We believe that managing your community is essential when creating a sound Social Media Strategy. With that in mind we will:

Check all Customer Responses

We’ll keep on top of incoming messages and comments. As this can be really time-consuming, we’ll handle it for you to ensure your customers are never waiting. If it is something we can’t deal with we’ll set up a process to get it to the right person in-house.


We’ll try to create regular meaningful conversations with your customers or businesses that you work or partner with in order to create brand awareness and a solid platform.

Targeting Influencers

We are at the very front of Influencer Marketing. Influencers are industry experts or bloggers who have Social Media followings that we can tap into. We can try to set up partnerships so you can gain important exposure.

We’ll Grow your Organic Followers

Some of our clients don’t have huge budgets for Paid Social Media Strategies. We can use community management to engage with other users to increase the followers of your page.